Two collections, Marzotto Italy 1836 and Lanerossi, home accessories of the best tradition of italian taste.

A world created by our expertise and passion: we know and select the best natural fibers, such as merinos wool, and the precious fibers such as the finest cashmere, baby alpaca and silk, and we elevate them to create blankets and throws nice to see and to touch every day.

We take artisanal care of our manufacturing, completely carried out internally, and we place the outmost attention to detail with hand made finishes. A continuous development on the product which translates in new forms, colours and materials, for a style aligned with the current trends.

The collections

A unmistakable style which is expressed by sophisticated designs, the magic of colours which intertwines with jacquard structures or precious prints. A new emotion, cashmere's purity meets the most noble and precious fibers for a soft, warm and unique embrace. High range products with an elegant image, precious fibers, incredibly light as blankets, throws and decor cushions.

Unique materials 100% natural, which exalt Marzotto Italy 1836 style. Because for over than 175 years we do what we know best: select the best materials and translates them into yout best rest.

An Italian taste which becomes expression of joy in home living.

Lanerossi is a young and dynamic collection of blankets, throws and cushions, dedicated to sleeping well and an healthy rest.

A vast selection of products and colours, passion and experience, to innovate our history in a contemporary and dynamic collection, with brilliant forms and hues. Throws and blankets nice to see and touch every day, which accompany your rest with the outmost comfort and the artisanal care of italian design and the wis work of Lanerossi Coperte.

The passion of the forms, a sweet sensation on the skin. Rediscover your home!

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